Giulia Bosi

Learning Design & Student Coaching

I combine my coaching and learning design experience to create educational offerings and support students’ growth. Let’s work together!


Ciao! I’m Giulia and I’m a coach

I’m all about helping students grow and reach their full potential. With a strong foundation in communication and a rich background in teaching, I love guiding individuals through their educational journeys, fostering both personal and academic development.

As a Student Coach, I focus on empowering each learner with the tools and strategies they need to overcome challenges and excel in their endeavors.

As a Learning Designer, I blend my coaching expertise with my skills in communication and learning experience design to craft transformative educational environments.

So far, I’ve developed a wide range of learning solutions – online, offline and hybrid courses – each tailored to both corporate and academic environments, as well as coaching experiences designed to help students succeed.

Could yours be the next success story? Let’s talk about how we can tailor a learning solution for you or your organization!

Ways to work with me

Giulia Bosi coach

Learning design

Let’s make your online, offline and hybrid courses so engaging that your customers and students will want to come back for more.

Giulia Bosi learning

Student coaching

Individual counseling and group workshops to help you explore yourself, build resilience in your studies, and think about your future career.

Giulia Bosi learning

Special projects

Did you know that your expertise is a powerful marketing tool? Let me show you how to turn it into compelling content that engages and converts your target market.

How about a virtual coffee to explore your ideas?

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