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By integrating strategic marketing with educational content, I help you showcase your skills, build brand awareness, and convert learners into clients. Transform your expertise into a dynamic marketing tool now!

Why online courses?

Your expertise is a powerful marketing tool. When turned into engaging educational content, it doesn’t just inform, it engages and converts your target market.

Let's explore the possibility...

Before we begin, we’ll have an initial discussion to explore the fundamentals of effective learning design and how it can be leveraged as a powerful tool for your business.

Learning Courses


Expand your professional reach with Online Courses

I meticulously design courses to attract and retain an engaged audience, ensuring that each course not only delivers value but also strengthens your professional presence and generates sustainable connections.

Course Development

I work closely with you to understand your unique value proposition and create courses for your target audience.

Engagement Strategies

Incorporate interactive elements that keep learners interested and committed, turning them into potential clients.

Marketing Integration

I ensure that each course is embedded with effective lead capture and nurturing mechanisms. Everything is optimized for conversion, from sign-up forms to content placement.


The courses are designed to be scalable, making your expertise accessible and multiplying your lead generation opportunities without additional effort.

Jacopo Mele
Jacopo Mele
Aurora Fellows
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I worked with Giulia on several projects, we climbed walls and big rocks together! Excellent teammate, with her thinking she is able to overcome her obstacles and help the team to fly, ordering and solving problems.
Luca Pedrani
Luca Pedrani
Professor at POLI.design and NABA
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I love working with her because she has a great passion and a volcanic energy that contaminates everything around. She flies with imagination but she knows how to keep her feet on the ground, always finding the perfect balance between creativity and pragmatism.
Gaia Nicolino
Gaia Nicolino
University of Salerno
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A volcano of ideas that always prove to be successful, precise and reliable. Giulia is an attentive and empathetic leader, capable of enhancing the abilities of the people who collaborate with her and of guiding them firmly and gently towards the achievement of objectives.

My experience with Online Courses

I can help you transforming your expertise into compelling online courses that not only boost your professional image but also serve as potent marketing tools. By integrating strategic marketing with engaging content design, I ensure that your courses not only attract but also captivate your target audience, turning them into valuable professional connections.

... and Learning Strategies for the Next-Gen Student

Students are demanding more flexibility and personalized learning experiences, and that’s why I help schools create customized learning programs. These flexible, personalized programs are designed to meet today’s challenges and engage students with new ideas.

May I answer some of your questions?

Learning design is the process of creating educational courses or programs that are specifically structured to meet the learning outcomes effectively. As a learning designer, I focus on understanding your educational goals and designing experiences that engage and instruct your audience in the most effective way possible.

Well-crafted learning experiences can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your training programs, improving employee skills more efficiently and aligning with your business goals. Additionally, high-quality courses can serve as lead generation tools by attracting new clients interested in your expertise.

I work with a variety of eLearning platforms and custom LMS solutions. The choice of platform depends on your specific needs, including scalability, feature requirements, and budget.

I provide comprehensive services that include both content creation and course design. This includes writing educational content, designing interactive elements, and integrating assessments that align with the learning objectives of the course.

My approach is collaborative and data-driven. I not only design the educational content but also focus on the analytics behind learner engagement and retention. This allows for ongoing optimization of the course based on real user data, ensuring that the learning experience remains engaging, effective, and up-to-date.

Success is measured using a combination of analytics, including participant completion rates, quiz and assessment scores, learner feedback, and the overall impact on business outcomes, such as improved performance or increased sales leads.

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